French presidential election with Studentafton, LUPEF and UPF


Come watch the French presidential election with Studentafton, LUPEF and UPF.

On Sunday the 7th of May France will go to the polls, for the second round of the presidential election. The contenders, who emerged as winners of the first round in the presidential election, are Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

We will follow the election on a screen and have a panel discussion about French politics. We will also test your knowledge with a quiz and have our own election. To keep you full, there will be a possibility to buy French food.

There will be a lot of great things – come and join us for the French presidential election!

Where: Athén, AF-borgen
When: Sunday the 7th of May from 17:30
How: No entrance fee and open to everyone

Datum: . Datum: 2017-05-07 - 2017-05-08
Tid: 17:30
Plats: Athen, AF-borgen.
Gratis för AF- och studentlundmedlemmar i dörr i mån av plats.
Förköp: Studentinfo i AF-Borgen.
Tel: 046-38 49 49.
Pris för AF-och studentlundmedlemmar: SEK
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