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On the 31st of January, the Studentafton Committee welcomes H.E Emmanuel Macron, the President of the French Republic, to Studentafton for a dialogue about the creation of a resilient European Union.

The world, and Europe in it, is not what it once was. Gone are the days of prosperity and peace. Gone are the days of stability and solidarity. Gone are the glory days of the EU. At least, this is what the critics of the EU would have you believe. Some claim that the European Union is no longer capable of competing on the global arena. This has raised voices of doubt concerning the EU and advocates in many countries have issued for leaving the union.

In a Europe where scepticism against the EU is a growing issue, unity and cooperation amongst the member states is more important than ever. The EU parliamentary elections in June stresses the issue further. With an expansive and active policy, the European Union shows that it is a key player on the global arena and how it is not to be trampled on. It is still a vital and active union with the capacity to tackle one of our time’s most pressing issues: the climate crisis. With its goals of achieving climate-neutrality by 2050, the EU has brought forward ‘the European Green Deal’, a commitment which entails a broad range of policy implications. At the core of this lies the European climate law where the member states are legally obliged to reach the 2050 climate goal. However, to accomplish this goal, the union and its member states must stand united to secure the future of generations to come.

What is the future of the European Union and what is Sweden’s role in it? What is the way forward for achieving a ‘Green Europe’? How can the EU compete with other great powers on the global arena? Questions like these and many others will be addressed during the Studentafton.

As the tradition holds, the Studentafton will consist of two segments. First, there will be a moderated dialogue with H.E President Emmanuel Macron. This will be followed by a Q&A session where the students of Lund can ask questions directly to H.E President Emmanuel Macron.

When: 31/1, 16:45
Where: Lund University Hall.
Tickets: Tickets will be available for students only. You are only eligible to attend the event with a valid student-ID together with a valid national ID. Do not bring any bags or personal belongings. Information regarding the release of tickets will be updated

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Universitetshusets aula
Paradisgatan 2, 223 50 Lund
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Gå in i huvudentrén från Lundagård så hamnar du i atrium. Aulan finner du rakt fram genom atrium uppför trappan i mitten.

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